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    Stalking people's Facebook's now? Bizarre. I'm sure someone will be along soon to tell us his trolling is all ok because he goes to games.
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    Or rectified by just...not digging into someone's facebook page? But yeah, you sat next to him at a game so he's all good.
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    99 times out 100 you’d be right buddy Parma
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    Apologies to both you and Apple then Parma!
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    Players who preemp and prevent opponenents finding space rarely get noticed on the highlights. I usually miss it at games too. I need to sit next to Parma more
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    Or maybe Aston Oxborough? He's just back to fitness after a 3 month injury. He's already been on the bench for the away match at Reading and apparently Farke rates him highly.
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    I wouldn't want to leave Stiepermann out...
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    I suppose if he did go there and they stayed up at least we would have a ready-made scapegoat to blame it on? Apples
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    It amazes me how we've gone from complete financial meltdown and turmoil to this. A very good championship squad and plenty of assets, pushing the automatic positions. I cannot get my head around just how good a job the powers at be have done.
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    Yes Godfrey was the nearest man in the end but credit them for a good cross and Gayle sensing where the ball might go. Instinct. Just like Jordan did for our goal. They make the runs, normally keeping onside, that give them the half yard they need. Strikers have the sixth sense to be in the right position for tap ins or in both cases on Saturday, getting their feet in the right place to guide the ball in which is all they did. I thought Godfrey had a good game knowing he might struggle with Gayle's pace but got in the right position virtually every time.
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    I think he struggles with his distribution at times tbh. I think if we were to go up it’s an area of the team the coaching staff would be looking at. Krul’s made a few **** ups this season, but overall he’s been pretty decent, with some very impressive (and important) saves in recent matches.
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    I can't get my head around the idea that giving the opposition the ball in our own half for a throw could be considered a successful tactic.
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    This comment is just wrong (unless twice = several) and an example of the exaggerated criticism that Krul has gained, for no logical reason. Criticism is fine but the collective amount (on this board and from the stands) over the season that Krul has got is unjust when compared with others
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    any chance of those quotes of mine you have been studiously collecting being posted up ? just pop over to the relevant thread ta
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    Personally, I blame Russ for our recent dip in form.
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    If Read Norwich says there in one, that confirms that there isn’t a clause.
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    Delia got lucky by hiring McNally. Lambert got lucky because he inherited Holt and Hoolahan, plus he had Culverhouse doing all the work. Really I think we all owe a massive debt of gratitude to Gunn and Doncaster.
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