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    Won’t be Nathan Jones, he’s been gone too long
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    Ruddy was always good at those spectacular saves like he pulled off last night. What he started to struggle with is the low down, close to the body stuff - which teams knew and targeted. Krul has the same issues, which is hardly a surprise as they are the results of lower body injuries reducing agility. I’d personally say that Ruddy and Krul are probably about as good as each other, but Krul is cheaper and his distribution is a bit better.
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    A bit late but 78 today. The word legend does not even cover it.
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    The more pedantry the better; welcome to the ASP (Association of Stat-appreciating Pedants). At the end of the season, the only "better" that matters if promotion is the target is "have more points". In the context of the kind of football we would need to play if we get back into the EPL on the other hand, I too to think we currently play "better" football away than at home. But in the context of needing as many points as possible, averaging1.92 is better than averaging 1.85. Also, I think most would say that our season only got properly underway with Match 7 (v Middlesborough). That's when things of which we'd previously only had glimpses, really clicked. If you discard the first 6 results, W1, D2, L3 the home v away picture changes.
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    I have a ticket for the WBA game in the away end if anyone would like it - I'm ill and can't see me feeling well enough for the game by Saturday. The most generous contribution offered to the PuPs will get the ticket - PM me by 6pm tomorrow and once NN has received the money I'll get it posted it to you.
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    Not the sort of man you need to dig you out of a hole.
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    Another way of looking at it, though, would be that our home record of W8 D1 L4 has given the opposition 13 points. Our record away W6 D6 L1 has gifted just 9, and only 1 point difference between the respective records. We've conceded 22 goals at home, with a GD of +4; only 12 away with a GD of +10. We've lost 3 times to close rivals at home, and just once away. Let's see how some of the reverse fixtures go. We're also top of the away league table for the season - on goal difference ahead of Leeds. Certainly those stats back up Splendid Rush's feeling. It'll be interesting how the home and away form pans out. We've certainly had less defensive issues away from home. At least, we are playing these next five games with a week between each. That falls pretty nicely really for a tough set of fixtures. Avoiding defeat against the big 3 rivals would be great. Sorry my posts are pedantic. By the time I get around to checking the message board, the interesting stuff has usually already been said.
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    If its Pilkington they must mean World Glass
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    He then flashed the cash on a gold coloured Ford Cortina 1600E with a black vinyl roof.
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    I doubt you could afford her wages!
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    Bennett is a good defender as long as you don't ask him to think too much. He has a good physique for a defender and as long as he knows what his job is, he is ok. Imo he needs a strong manager who will direct him firmly in what to do, which is maybe what he has had at Wolves. He didn't do well under Hughton, who although had a sound strategy, relied on players to be able to be intelligent enough to be able to adapt to what he wanted them to do. Several of them weren't, including Bennett. As for Ruddy, he has had a good career as a goalkeeper, suffered a bit as a result of injury, but still a good stand by keeper for the top league and probably good enough as a first choice at championship level. Good to see him getting some success at Wolves.
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    It's a bit cruel to say Jarvis was one of the "worst" ever signings. It was a gamble on his fitness, but that is all and we got him at a fair price. It could have worked out - and it is not the first time we have bought players cheaper because of their possible infirmity - PIlkington, James Vaughan to name two. As ZLF said, he was one of the most unlucky signings - and it could be he will have a good two or three years as a result of the work done at Norwich to get him fit. You might say that will be to another club's benefit and that he has cost us a lot in the process, but that is life. As a club we rarely spend big money on players and often rely on older players, freebies, players from lower leagues, signings like the injury prone players I mentioned etc - and it has worked out on many occasions. Sometimes things don't work out and that is life, you learn and you move on - Jarvis has had an unlucky time of it and labelling him alongside some of the footballers people have suggested as being the worst footballers in terms of ability is unfair.
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    My old man first took me to the football when I was 4 I think. He told me that if I played up I’d never go again... I must have behaved because I was at Wembley not ALL that long later. I’ve seen babies in the Barclay and have witnessed my own toddler running up and down the front of the South Stand desperately looking for a way he could get on to the pitch. I’ve taken my son and nephew when they’ve had to stand on a seat in the Barclay to be able to see. Ive missed goals because they need their umpteenth wee before half time but I wouldn’t change any of it. I WAS that annoying kid. Ive now racked up 35 years of Canary Watching. They are the next generation and, while the ground isn’t a crèche, it’s worth remembering that they’ll be standing where we used to before our legs packed up and we ended up in the South Stand whinging.
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    Next time we go through a questionable patch, perhaps we could name the top tier of the Barclay the “Stringer Upper” and all the Delia haters that crawl out of the woodwork could have a little hub where they boo and harrumph together.
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    Good to hear, Ray. As I said in my previous post, it's really impressive the way we're tailoring loans to suit players rather than just going down the English loan route all the time. Really chuffed that Neil is still with the club and making a significant impact by the sounds of it!
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    To me, the greatest ever footballer. Yes there was Best, Pele, Charlton. But to me, he was Mr Football. Best goalkeeper never to play for his country. Never heard of him wanting to leave. Treated us to some magic moments including laying out players who annoyed him. Smart dresser and liked a night out. Ladies loved him. In fact, i was probably jealous. Happy Birthday Kev. There will never be another and how there isn't a stand named after you is puzzling.
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    It would only really work if we got the Norfolk Cafu back from Walsall so we had a Rémy-Martin pair in central defence...
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