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    Srbeny is certainly better than League Two. His technical ability is actually pretty good, he has a good touch and can carry the ball. He's not looked bad at linking play just behind the front line. Some people thought Stiepermann was League Two quality last season.
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    I think a number of people forget that there are a lot of people out there looking at us in bemusement at how well we're doing. On paper we've got a bang average championship squad and the fact that we have a manager that has got any combination of them working so cohesively to have us in the automatic promotion slots just over the half way spot, and still somehow managing to pick up points despite the injury of a lot of key players is incredible. I get people wondering about the alternatives, but given that it's clear that DF clearly knows well what he's doing while also having the opportunity to see how other options like Marshall and Hanley are performing day in and day out, I don't really get how anyone can say 'he was wrong' in such a categoric manner as some are.
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    I guess I sort of meant it in a sense of our level being in the Championship and the money we have available to us also. We don't have 40mil players sitting on the bench. We do have quality past our first 11, but we are winning for a reason. I'm not disagreeing with the notion that we should rotate. But I for one standby the fact that if you're winning games (or not losing and maintaining top 2 position in the league) and a professional head coach sees his players day in day out in training, along with updates from his medical staff, why change?
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    Yeah, that's a fair point – Farke was getting dog's abuse for persisting with Mario, but he clearly knew he had an important creative role to play in the team/squad, and it took time for him to adapt to that role. I doubt he ever expected Dennis to be a regular starting 9.
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    I guess what I'd say is Vrancic showed some obvious ability even in his struggles- his vision and range of passing was clearly evident he just struggled with the speed of the game. Srbeny I just don't see more than a 'chuck him off the bench for 15/20 when behind.'
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    Herman When things get left on supermarket shelves because people aren't buying them, we will see a change. It will be hard. I don't want people jumping down my throat but our Council released dat of the worst places fro recycling in Cornwall. Redruth North was way behind anywhere else. Redruth North is the council estate area. Lots of single mammajammas more concerned with texting "Tyrone" on her mobile than anything else. The top areas were Feock, St Mawes. Places where you start at 500K for a home. Now there are certain arguments than can be projected but as it is New Year I would like to project that many in Redruth North haven't even heard of recycling and if they had would not give a flying wotsit to do it. It will take industry and the public to either be fined or encouraged.to make a total change but it is still up to us to make a start. And getting rid totally of single use plastic is a must.
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    He wouldn't get a CF spot ahead of either Rhodes or Pukki so i'd agree. He's technically pretty good thought which is why he's often an impact sub as you can play him anywhere in an attacking position in the last 10 minutes of a game and he can make an impact.
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    I rather agree - but again the 'bean pole' bit gives it away. How would you describe Crouch? Is Nathan Dyer a midget? Obviously neither can play football. I think Puuki & Rhodes are our first choice, & I would always start them first. But Dennis isn't a league 2 or league 1 player. He's an excellent Champs squad player, & that's how Farke uses him.
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    I think you see what you want to see https://www.edp24.co.uk/sport/norwich-city/norwich-city-player-watch-srbeny-so-close-to-being-the-hero-during-cruel-cup-defeat-for-canaries-1-5758405 Verdict: Really could – and perhaps should – have been the hero. Denied by a post but had to beat Boruc in the first half. Big chance to stake a claim slips away but would cause Championship defences problems with this kind of performance. Rating: 7 out of 10 He's produced similar performances whenever he's come on this year. And I've seen Rhodes miss just as many chances; is he a league 2 player also?
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    Because Wilbraham is English and Srbeny is German? I've not come here to slate Dennis Srbeny, but come on.............It's not an insult to call him a League 2 player...he's a professional footballer and what he shows on the pitch is of that standard.
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    Huddersfield, Fulham and Cardiff for me. As usual the most interesting part of the Premier is the scrap at the bottom.
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    I would try one of these, at least one will have it https://firstsrowsports.tv/soccer http://www.wiz1.net/schedule https://vipbox.im/watch-soccer http://soccerlegacy.net/
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    There are ten overseas channels showing the game so I would imaging there will be plenty of streams on the usual platforms. For a channel list use liveonsat.com, it tells you what games are being shown on what channels.
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    In the US, ESPN+ are streaming all FA Cup matches. Monthly subscription is $4.99 but there is currently a "First Month Free" Trial offer. Stream quality is usually excellent.
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    Bravo Westie. That is a very likely interpretation - and quite likely one understood by both Hanley and Marshall. It is not ‘how good they can play’, but rather ‘how they play’ that is likely key here. Particularly the elevation of Godfrey, the repeatedly ‘forgiving’ approach to Zimmerman and the rapid reintegration of Klose may well be due to their superior passing, natural tendencies to sense danger a half second later than Hanley (a good thing if the aim is retain possession in tight areas) and the absence of the metronomic Leitner contributes much to the ability of midfielders to receive better quality passes, make better angles to receive and ferry on, all slightly higher up the field. Parma
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    Being able to introduce different players "without it seemingly harming the teams ability to not get beat" surely is the key to why DF has seemed reluctant to start e.g. Marshall and Hanley, even when fit. I don't think it's an accident that we first only really saw the slick passing, full of movement brand of football to which we are now accustomed from Match 7 onwards, the start of the period when both Marshall and Hanley were absent due to injury. Both are indeed "proven Championship players", but we are not playing "Championship football" except in the obvious sense of playing in that particular league. DF's preference for e.g. Cantwell and Srbeny is because they are able to slot in seamlessly. How do I know Marshall and Hanley aren't able to do that too? I don't, but I'm pretty sure that if they could, they would have got a call before now.
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    Its televised internationally hence the late kick off. There will be streams.
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    I think homegrown status is for players who have played for English clubs during their early years, rather than British ones. Therefore I don't believe he would count as a homegrown player, unless someone can correct me?
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    This would be a good recall as well. Maybe/likely Mr Stringer was reading too much in Puel's comments, but I like it.
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    When it comes to it we have a really strong first 11..........and after that not so much. Those who talk about rotation are really talking about fielding a weaker team and with the small margins in some games that would have cost us points. Farke obviously doesn't rate either Hanley or Marshall. We have largely exceeded expectations with this approach helped by Cantwell, Aarons and Godfrey stepping up to the plate, Tettey's remarkable resilience & the find that has been Pukki. To pretend otherwise is to give oxygen to the moaners who sound a little bit like they are disappointed it has gone so well and are pleased that they now have an opportunity to revert to type.
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    Equally, maybe Marshall isn't showing enough in training? I'm not sure we are in a position to be too critical of Farke's ability to get performances out of players when you consider our financial outlay and current table position. It seems to lack merit.
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    I get what you're saying (to an extent) but I feel as though people would also moan if we did change the team and rotate it constantly. Happened a bit more last season while Farke was trying to find his best team. It didn't work, on more than one occasion. No, I think if he did rotate the team a lot we'd then get people saying "Why doesn't he stick with a winning team??!" In other words, among some, Farke can't win.
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    He needed a run of first team football to bed in and try to attain his previous levels after a couple of years out. The immediate criticism / scapegoating is typical of many negative posters on this and most other forums. Anyone with a few brain cells would have given him a few games before publicising their opinions. It is fair to say that he wasn't great early this season but has steadily improved. Also, the fact he had more shots to save yesterday than is usual means he had more opportunities to shine.
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    Played so well he deserves the extra L.
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