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    I get what you're saying (to an extent) but I feel as though people would also moan if we did change the team and rotate it constantly. Happened a bit more last season while Farke was trying to find his best team. It didn't work, on more than one occasion. No, I think if he did rotate the team a lot we'd then get people saying "Why doesn't he stick with a winning team??!" In other words, among some, Farke can't win.
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    Equally, maybe Marshall isn't showing enough in training? I'm not sure we are in a position to be too critical of Farke's ability to get performances out of players when you consider our financial outlay and current table position. It seems to lack merit.
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    I'm glad I was working while this was happening, reading the thread after the result gives a very different perspective on the game and how people feel when they're in the moment. From what I've read most of the Team should never wear the shirt again! Even DF comes in for some stick, incredible. Tim Krul has a blinder and despite all the stick he's had to put up with, he mainly only received begrudging praise. I'm a little worried that we're displaying an hier of entitlement when playing the likes of Brentford and it's not realistic. Ultimately, we're still second, still 2 points ahead of 3rd and one closer to top, with one game less to play. It may not have been pretty but we came away with a point, earned by a decimated squad in need of a rest. It might not be a popular opinion but cut the boys some slack, now, more than ever, they need your support.
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    Kenny McLean is Scottish, and spent all his time in the Scottish leagues. Hence not "home grown"
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    Exactly. If the criticism is both valid and somewhat constructive then it isn't an issue. Funny when people who don't understand this get challenged they respond with 'I'm allowed an opinion' without realising it's them that want to shut down others opinions...
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    The most positive contributions are the ones that capture the truth, and the best debates on here are those that help us all to see things as they are (except of course for the real WUMs who then reveal their true colours by their failure to contribute sensibly). As I said earlier to Nutty, a spade's a spade and it really doesn't help to pretend it's anything else.
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    When it comes to it we have a really strong first 11..........and after that not so much. Those who talk about rotation are really talking about fielding a weaker team and with the small margins in some games that would have cost us points. Farke obviously doesn't rate either Hanley or Marshall. We have largely exceeded expectations with this approach helped by Cantwell, Aarons and Godfrey stepping up to the plate, Tettey's remarkable resilience & the find that has been Pukki. To pretend otherwise is to give oxygen to the moaners who sound a little bit like they are disappointed it has gone so well and are pleased that they now have an opportunity to revert to type.
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    A quiet window is a good window.
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    Sorry if this is old news but came across this story earlier. A good read https://www.skysports.com/transfer/news/22706/11578660/norwich-top-of-the-table-stuart-webber-explains-how-it-happened
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    Barcelona leave 3 up for corners, that's the way to go !
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    Personally I think Farke should have rotate more regularly earlier in the season. Even though Norwich got a point, two players were injured in the process so hard to say that ‘he got it right’. When others could have started ahead of them without it seemingly harming the teams ability to not get beat. Who knows, maybe a fresh Marshall might have contributed to Norwich winning the game not just drawing? Obviously no one can say which approach is best, as there is no way of testing out the variables. But if Tettey or Stipermann is out for more than a few weeks then it is going to end up being a very costly decision to start them. These are hard decision and rotation will always lead to criticism, but the Christmas period is famously hard and by not resting players who Farke has admitted were struggling maybe he made some bad calls. He’s got a hell of a lot more right than wrong this season, but doesn’t mean that he should never be criticised or questioned.
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    People are being perfectly forgiving- it isn't like people are calling for his head. However if he makes errors (and this was one, not just with the benefit of hindsight as lots of people were talking about the need for rotation pre match) then they will be discussed.
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    Well done Tim, answered your critics today... and some.
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    Decent point considering how poorly we played. Krul made a couple of excellent saves. Injuries now a major concern. Play the U23s against Portsmouth.
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    And Krul made some very important saves today.
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