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    Ffs, Krul saved us several times today - what is it with some people? I guess it is having to have a scapegoat even when things are good.
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    There is no coincidence that the first team squad has so much better spirit and togetherness now that Oliveira is no where near it.
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    No, it's not that simple; for example, since Hanley was injured, Aarons has established himself, Leitner has flourished, with added defensive busyness to his game, and Buendia has been providing solid defensive cover on the right. But, apart from his heading ability at set pieces, I really don't think that Hanley contributes more defensively than Zimmermann when paired with Klose, while, at the same time, IMO, he certainly doesn't improve on Zimmermann when it comes to our playing out from the back.
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    You can tell how far we've come when people are criticising a 2-2 away draw and have started looking for scapegoats
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    He's a secret lemonade drinker...
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    The £1m Marley comes on - no danger there then
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    Krul is just toying with Pete I think
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    Shame to concede like that. Awkward one for Krul to get down to after a couple of good saves. Shame. Games there for us if we step up second half
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    We played after them a few weeks ago and they were "top" for about 2 hours.
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    U23s barely tackle. Jarvis will never deal with the physicality of the Championship. He's finished here. May possibly make the odd bench to comply with home grown rule.
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    I was thinking of Rob Newman
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    They have money to spend and will bring in a few players in January. I think they will go up automatically - and are my favourites to be Champions. Their defence is a bit creaky, but they can out score anyone in the Legaue. Rodriguez and Gayle are probably the best two strikers in the league and the team will most likely go on to score over 100 goals. Sheff U are a testiment to organisation and clear game plan, they score the same kind of goal time and time again, the low cross to the back post and with players like Norwood and Mark Duffy they have great technical ability in the team too - they should make play-offs easily and would hate to faze them in the semi or final.
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    Permanent current sicknote
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    he never wanted to be here. We foolishly chased him and threw the house at buying him, because Alex Neil loved him and thought he would keep us up singlehandedly. Eventually he caved in because we offered silly wages but only came for the money and that showed in his performances. He was a waning star with little to prove to himself or others in a yellow shirt and boy did it show. Proof positive that hungry young players on the up are so much better than once great men on the down. For me a nice enough bloke but one who has robbed this club in terms of what was taken and how much effort was made. And if his legs had gone and he wasn't up to it- again huge question marks over the scouting team at the time. All in all the WORST signing in our history given the costs involved. So my reply to him is that we never felt very loved either.
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    I'm sure we would have loved him if he played well.
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    Ricardo - Emergency Ward Ten - that does age you for mentioning it and me for recognising it.