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    I'm surprised no one has mentioned it already. And sorry if someone has said this on another thread. It's impossible. However I'd happily offer some long odds for anyone's bet if they don't believe me. There are a potential 432 points available to be won between now and the completion of 31 games (12 rounds of games X 12 games X 3 points per game). It would be impossible to distribute those points amongst 21 clubs so that the club in 21st position (the position above the relegation places) couldn't be caught by Ipswich. It's a mathematical impossibility. That's even allowing for there being no more drawn games, and those in the relegation spots not picking up any points ensuring the maximum number of points possible going to 21st place and higher. Even if a club had 0 points at this stage (not 11), and 22nd and 23rd place just had the points gained against the 24th place team and from the game/s between themselves, the earliest the bottom team could conceivably be mathematically down would be around the 29 game mark. And that would only be in the completely absurd situation where the first 21 teams had almost the same points total and there were no drawn games in the first 2/3 of a season. It will never happen! Only scenario would be where a team has had a points deduction. Sorry for sounding like a numbers geek. If every team maintained their form of the first 19 games over the whole season, Ipswich would be mathematically down with 4-5 games to go. I would say the earliest they might be confirmed as relegated would be late March / beginning of April. Their results may even improve slightly; they can't get much worse!
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    No I can't see that happening either. One or two of the more rational people on TWTD are saying this is the worst Ipswich team in 50 years. But they still haven't realised that they are probably the worst Championship team ever. If not the worst then very close. It's not a question of if they get relegated, it's a question of when. Like one or two other posters on this thread I would prefer them to still be in with a shout when they reach their last 2 games against Leeds and Sheffield United but the reality is that they will be gone by then. They do have a bit of respite early in January with home games against Millwall and Rotherham but Millwall looked better than a bottom 3 team to me and Rotherham have found form recently. After those 2 games they have another 6 fixtures against teams that are in the top half and pushing for the playoffs (that includes the Carrow Road game). So by the end of February they will be all but relegated. Perhaps not mathematically, but as Bill has said in his post that I have quoted, teams do not go from achieving less than 1 point a game to more than 2 points a game. So I'm hugely enjoying their imminent demise but I'm also hoping that they don't lay down and die in their last 2 games. That is of course assuming we will still be in with a shout of the automatic places. On a long term basis, it is entirely possible that the February game will be the last time I ever see Ipswich play at Carrow Road. I suspect they are more likely to drop down to League 2 than come straight back up. Their current financial position means that relegation could easily result in Administration and a 12 point deduction. Oh dear. I can almost hear us singing "You'll never play here again"
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    They'd be better off signing Mary Hopkins for all the improvement it'd make to their results ....... "Those Were The Days,my friend" ............
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    Unlimited supply.There is no reason why.I tell you it was all a frame.They only did it 'cos of fame.I do not need the pressure.I can't stand those useless fools.Unlimited supply.
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    He never was any good with crosses. Apples
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