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    We're getting noticed...... https://www.football365.com/news/norwich-city-how-the-f-has-this-happened
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    Not one mention of Stuart Webber in the article shows that maybe it isn't all that well researched.
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    As Bethnal said though, I wouldn't be surprised if Borussia Dortmund cancelled the loan in January due to his lack of game time.
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    Actually there are no Canaries on the Canary Islands ..... fact. Same with the Virgin Islands ........................... no canaries on those either.
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    It is. Ricky Knight AKA Paddy Bevis and his son Roy.
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    On Film 4 tonight at 21.00, there's a (2015) film called '45 Years' starring Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay.......It was filmed around Norfolk and predominately in and around Norwich......It features a certain sugar beet factory, the Broads, London Street, St Benedict's, Jarrold's, Assembly Rooms and the Royal Arcade in the City. There are various other local scenes which I'm sure many of you will recognise......that's only if.......it is your kind of movie......?
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    I guess he personified fishing in the same way Delia does cooking. Keep it simple so that everyone can do it. And while fishing he was keen to observe and protect the environment around each river or lake.
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    That's true. He must have been a millionnaire when he arrived here so he was looking for a home rather than club. Pukki isn't in that fortunate position.
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    Puuuuukki please staaaaay. And let Nelson go awaaaay. To the tune of Rod Stewart's 'Georgie'
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    With any luck, this will be a classic international break rumour, ending with Hughes sacked with allardyce ( or similar.....harry rednapp leaving the jungle early maybe)taking over at Soton. Meanwhile the good ship Canary sails onwards and upwards. Good shout whoever suggested Olive to Gala... brilliant idea. He can see his way to his dotage in that fine league.
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    Wow! Another excellent article. This is getting serious! Many thanks for the link.
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    It’s only a few weeks ago a number of people on here were desperate for him to leave and take his wife with him ..
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    That's true Bob - they even described it as their 'game of the day', but didn't have a commentary team there, just a voice over. They'll always cover their live game from either the Friday night or Saturday lunchtime as they'll have better angles and coverage of the game. To be fair Don Goodman gave us some credit - lots of praise for Pukki and Rhodes. Leitner, Buendia and Hernandez seem to be overlooked in the coverage, which is fine by me, they are looking so good in this current run of form. I'm also of the opinion that it's fine to show the other contenders. Leeds, Villa, Stoke and West Brom are all arguably bigger, better supported clubs than us and will probably get better TV audiences for their games. Derby is the one that grates a bit - sorry, 'Frank Lampard's Derby...'. If we continue to challenge at the top of the league, I'm sure we'll all be complaining about Saturday 5.30pm kick offs or Friday night ones in March and April.
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    No coverage gives us 3 pm Saturday kickoffs, much better than Friday evening or Saturday teatime.
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