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    https://duncanedwards8.wordpress.com/2020/05/03/for-the-love-of-god-and-football-stop/ It is just me wittering on; but I’m increasingly amazed if not surprised by the attempts to contrive a result out of all this.
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    I don't care whether it's Delia or Webber but I would be so proud if either of them just came out and said, "We are not prepared to put our players at risk so will not be taking part. Have the points. We will take relegation."
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    Let's say last season you didn't fall apart and over a 46 game season beat us to promotion and earned the right to play a season in the PL. How would you feel if the season after you were 29 games into the PL season nowhere near mathematically relegated and we were top two Championship, nowhere near mathematically promoted and you were going to potentially lose your place to us on some BS PPG predicted table. You would be shafted out of finishing the season you worked so hard for to a team that hasn't gotten close to crossing the line yet in a volatile league where form and results can change like the wind. We came from behind a larger deficit (7 points from safety) by this stage in our 2005 Pl campaign to take it to the last day, needing only a point to stay up, Leicester came from an even bigger deficit to stay up then win the league the following season in 2016. You looked to be for all the world going up by this stage last season but you choked and Sheff Utd deserved to go up ahead of you because of their form over the games that we have yet to play this season. To decide anything as important as promotion on PPG at this stage of the season is farcical. You haven't yet earned promotion, even if our season concludes and we finish bottom you or any other team from the Championship shouldn't be promoted unless you earn your place over a full season like we did. You would feel exactly the same if you were in our position.
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    The reason the right keep bringing up Brexit with regard to this issue is purely distraction. By claiming that people are upset because of a binary issue realigns some that were angered by his actions within the ranks of the right because Brexit is paramount to them. Turns it back to an "us and them" - which is, ironically, the whole issue - that it's one rule for the proles (even those that were good little sheep and voted Tory and Brexit - those slogans WERE convincing though) and he can do as he chooses. It's a load of old pony as is demonstrated by the amount of Tories that have stood up and taken exception to what he did. Not all of them Brexiteers but still plenty of dissent from within the party that delivered it. He broke the rules he set. He got away with it. Others haven't. He has subsequently made up a story that Enid Blyton would have been proud of and with complete disregard to public feeling they've stood there, lied again and again, shut down civil servants, muted journalists and pretended everything is fine. It isn't. It won't be. People (daftly) are now paying no heed to Government instruction (Whitlingham Broad a perfect example of this yesterday) because they no longer respect what they're being told because if DC doesn't give a fig for them, why should they? Especially when DC has had his actions rubber-stamped by the Prime Minister. It's a free-for-all. He should have gone, I've little doubt that the subsequent irresponsible actions taken by the public because flouting the rules is "legal and reasonable", will result in deaths. Appallingly handled.
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    He's going to sack Johnson.
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    No skin in this game as I don't have a season ticket anymore. However, if the club wanted me to turn down the money to help them out I'd expect to see the executives/players also giving some up to help the club.
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    I think Starmer is doing the right thing by not party-politicizing this. As to BoJo, he has always been a hollow man who conned the gullible into thinking he was clever because he knew a few over-used Latin tags. And whether by luck or judgment Labour have chosen the perfect opponent in Starmer, whose dullness looks increasingly like a virtue compared to Johnson’s flippancy, and whose forensic skills will quietly eviscerate Johnson in Parliament. Cummings has a keen mind, and is certainly sharper than Johnson, but that hasn’t stopped him being a fool over Durhamgate. There may be more to come out, but even on the basis of what is known to be true he has been very stupid. Probably through arrogance, and particularly thinking he would be too smart to get caught out by mere hacks in the media. Hence he and his wife writing pieces for The Spectator that were lies by omission. You would have to be very dumb to assume the truth would not come out.
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    Just announced that Dominic Cummings will be taking the 4pm briefing today. He will be announcing further lifting of the travel restrictions and also making them retrospective.
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    Wow For those just not just watching the Andrew Marr show the chief exec of AstraZeneca was just on. He confirmed he was ‘ very confident ‘ the vaccine will work if not to stop it completely to protect you from the serious effects of the virus. He said this was just how the flu jab works ie you can still catch it but your body can cope. He confirmed due to the falling numbers people in Brazil have been injected with the vaccine to quicken up the trial. He also confirmed most countries are now ordering their doses for September, this included China, America and India. The U.K. have apparently ordered 100 million doses, which will be made here and ready by October. This order will be purely for the U.K. Of course there are no guarantees but this sounds more hopeful by the day. His biggest concern was the virus disappearing from communities so they couldn’t test it properly, hence why they are in Brazil and negotiating with Russia.
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    Jesus Bill. How have you made this about you yet again being a victim and everyone else being 'assorted numpties'? Take a look at yourself. Then, for the good of everyone including yourself, close the bloody forum.
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    Have you ever considered that Internet forums may just not be for you? Do give it some serious thought.
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    We are delighted to be able to tell you we raised £8250 for the CSF last season up from £7500 last year and making £29250 in total in 5 seasons. Thanks to everyone on here who has supported us, donated goods to us for auctions and have attended our events. We really appreciate your support. Never done a video before so excuse any mistakes, hope this link works https://youtu.be/74-9ouOtM3M
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    The 'Dominic Cummings' is now a golf term. It means a really long drive, that goes out of bounds, but there's no penalty.
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    Just like you were going up last season, and you knew it....
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    Promoted to where? Currently there are no openings in the EPL.... so just more positioning for negotiation. If we are up for mid season change of rules, why not a mini playoff league - Leeds, WBA, Fulham plus City, Villa, Watford. Top three in next season’s Premier League. Not fair? OK then nothing is fair, if you are not prepared to do something that is not fair then you void the season and start again next year with the status quo.
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    Giving to the CSF is not begging. Giving to the Academy is helping protect the future of the club. I wonder how many will donate. Presumably people bought their memberships and season tickets because they could afford them - and it is not the club's fault this has happened and that the CSF is losing income too....it's a charity and what a great cause to donate to.
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    Can't agree Indy. It's a total lie that there are too many people on the planet. There's more than enough air, water, food and land for all the 7.5 billion people in this world. The problem is the ludicrous and thoughtless over consumption that a proportion of those people indulge in. We need an attitude shift to place sustainability at the heart of everything we do.
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    Yes it is a shame when people resort to throwing insults ar... Ah.
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    Not everything you post I agree with, however this particular paragraph is bang on the money. On one hand you have a Chancellor bringing in sensible and appropriate measures, (job retention scheme) on the other you have a complete fool of a PM backing a nobody in Cummings, I fear that the billions in furlough money may have been "spaffed up the wall". If we get a second wave and either a second lockdown, which is largely disregarded, or no lockdown, what was point of the first one?
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    This forum is very quickly becoming a joke. It really is getting worse every day. Football cannot return quick enough. At least then we will (hopefully) have intermittent posts that actually belong on a football forum...
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    This is the best front page from a newspaper ever. Never expected it to come from the Daily Star. The mask is genius. And we've reached our own 'Don't drink bleach' moment.
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    And you think he’s done nothing wrong? Went to 10 Downing Street after he thought his wife had Covid 19. Shouldn’t have left the house. Drove 260 miles without stopping, after the government instruction was very clear. He timed his visit with two birthdays, not mentioned. He drove thirty minutes with a small child and wife when he claimed had poor eyesight, while still in lockdown situation. Then sat by a river with his family when everyone else was being stopped from sitting in one area! He then had to stop on his 30 minute return cause his 4 year old needed the toilet yet didn’t need to stop during a 5 hour journey. I understand that in some views technically he’ll argue the case, but the guys wife tried to cover this up, she wasn’t very honest, now he came out in an arrogant and very poor worded statement which was appalling. He should have showed humility to all those families really effected by this virus and not used it to defend his actions. He should have said he panicked took this action which in hindsight was wrong and he should have apologised to the Public especially the critical workers as his actions could have had the potential to infect others. Simple show humility to the public.
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    So if you are worried about your eyesite, put all your family in the car and drive 30 miles is an appropriate eye test??
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    Do you know what, that's pretty much exactly what I was thinking. This thread is surely the most important and interesting one on here because it talks about the chance of basically eradicating this virus. Anybody who is truly on this message board to talk about the virus would have looked at this thread. The fact is, those who make the most noise on the other thread are pretty much conspicuous by their absence on here. It is funny that they can always find something to talk about and comment on over there but here, where there is no room for political posturing/comment - they don't say a word. To me, that shows what is actually the most important thing to them - and it isn't the virus.
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    That sounds painful.... I'll stick to analysing rather than analising I think.
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    "As long as the general population is passive, apathetic, diverted to consumerism or hatred of the vulnerable, then the powerful can do as they please" (Chomsky)
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    This "reward failure" not "success" argument is tiresome. the whole point is that NOBODY has failed or succeeded YET because a season is over 38 or 46 games depending on which division you are in. What this PPG system does is reward teams who may have had a good start to the season but who have not actually achieved anything yet. I think it is clearly more unfair to reward teams who have not actually achieved anything yet with a massive cash windfall than it is to reprieve teams who have actually earnt that case windfall over 46 games but have not had a chance to defend their position over 38 games in the premier league.
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    There would have been fewer unhappy clubs if the powers that be had the guts to grasp the nettle. As things now stand its going to be a right old pigs ear. The more they attempt to contrive positions the worse they make the problem.
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    I wish people would stick to debating Brexit, HS2 etc on other threads. There's more than enough to discuss about Coronavirus, it's a once-in-a century health crisis and plenty of Govt failings to berate, but I wish people would tackle all the normal political infighting elsewhere.
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    Bags of potential and I feel we aren't yet close to seeing the best of him. Currently he is exciting going forward and with the right coaching he could develop other parts of his game and be a very well rounded player. I've got a lot of time for anyone who can go from Championship bit-part player to one of our best performers in Premier League over only one summer. The guy wants it, he's working hard for it and it's showing. It may be quite hopeful, but the longer we keep hold of him (along with our other talented young contingent) the better.
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    Or the screamer against Forest. The technique was outrageous.
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    RTB has been taking chloroquine, stupidity is one of the side effects.
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    She is probably better off using one of the several Cosmic had made recently, rather than dusting off some relic from a bygone era...
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    I've worked extensively on influenza clinical trials and bloods are typically taken prior to the vaccine and again at 28 days. The aim is to show either sero-conversion (someone going from not having antibodies to having above a certain level in their blood), or for those who already have some level of antibodies a 4-fold increase so if for example they had 1:10 pre-vaccine titre, they'd need to be 1:40 or greater post vaccination. I'm assuming it will be something similar for these COVID-19 studies, so it's probably too early to tell if the vaccine is working as expected (they could take 14 day bloods to see if the signs are positive). So far our company is only working on treatments for those with the illness and not any vaccine trials, however should they ramp up to the multiple thousands of subjects, then I'm sure that we'll be involved.
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    1) The extra protection for players is being called for by the Premier League/the top clubs because they are desperate to finish the season for financial reasons. I imagine many of the players are embarrassed that they might get preferential treatment. 2) The 'footballers are thickoes' argument writ very large. You do not need to be an epidemiologist to work out that this virus could kill you. 3) There is no moral obligation to do your job if that endangers your health and that of those around you.
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    If the farce of finishing the season goes ahead behind closed doors at neutral venues i really don't care if it resorts to walking football as my interest in watching it decreases by the day so player fitness is not an issue for me.
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    8 weeks too late.
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    My opinion is that football should come back fully or not at all, none of these half arsed approaches.
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    Last season Leeds had 73 points from 37 games. This season they have 71. In 2015 Leicester had 19 points from 29 games. This season we have 21 from 29. Leicester stayed up and then won the PL the next season. The idea that we were as good as down wasn't true at the beginning of March and isn't true now.
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    Anything could happen in six months - a whole new outbreak of something completely different. We can’t have perpetual lockdown “just in case”. As for the current coronavirus, I don’t think anyone expects us to be back to complete normality this year, or probably even for most of next. What is normal will probably change - even in a few years time I expect restaurants will have more space between tables, there’ll be glass protective screens in front of cashiers etc. It’s not about being prepared to let older people die to satisfy their financial worries. The average age of people dying is 80 (or 82, I still haven’t checked and can’t remember). People aged 82 do die - see previous discussion on excess deaths. Of course we should try to avoid/minimise deaths and extend life. But at the same time, if we don’t sort out the economy there are going to be many more deaths caused by poverty and lack of funding of essential public sector bodies and charities. Nearly half the working population is currently on the furlough scheme or benefits. Others have no income and arent/can’t claim benefits whilst many of those in employment are on reduced salaries. The government has said it can’t keep the furlough scheme going indefinitely. So what are those people going to do after that? Starve to death? Or we would have to pay them all benefits - reducing amounts available to go the NHS and other infrastructure which again will lead to further deaths. On the basis lockdown for extended period of time will lead to more deaths anyway (In younger and older generations when public sector health funding collapses at the expense of just paying people enough for them to actually afford food), why is it okay for us to continue a lockdown which will lead to more deaths across the board when the main risk of death currently is to people aged on average 80? There is no simple answer but this idea that it’s “disgusting” to focus on the economy is extremely short sighted. Many many more will die if we don’t get the economy sorted - which involves some loosening of restrictions.
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    They aren't doing it for the money Jim. They are doing it to raise the spirits of the country. Honest
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    Puts internet away. Some hours later takes to the internet again and trawls through six pages of this thread. Slaps head, says 'Oh dear god', and opens another bottle of lockdown rosé.
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    Thanks CC. She makes a similar point to what I have posted previously - not that it's a particularly original one. But still.... This will be the last word from me on the specific DC subject, back to CoronaVirus data and trends. Cummings’ university history tutor once described him as "something like Robespierre, “determined to bring down things that don’t work”. Five years after his revolution, Robespierre himself was deemed to be something that didn’t really work, and was “brought down”, to euphemise the business of being relieved of your head in front of an ecstatic mob. I must say I found the footage of Cummings being screamed at in his street on Sunday distinctly disturbing when set alongside his account of his family’s house having become a target for threats of violence. This is never right. Part of what’s disturbing was the vignette of a Britain Cummings himself did much to foment: grimly polarised, reflexively aggressive and running with an undercurrent of menace. His crowning triumph – the successful campaign to leave the EU – was a masterclass of stoking and exploiting divisions, unpleasantly emotive half-truths or untruths, and evidently considered itself above the law. I wrote last year about the dangerous folly of whipping up people versus parliament narratives, and how quickly those who imagine themselves on the side of the people can suddenly be reclassified as an enemy politician. But even I would have thought it too neat, too written, for Cummings to find himself on the wrong end of his sorcery as quickly as he has been. The thing about playing to angry mobs is that eventually they get angry with you. They came for Robespierre in the end, too.
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    Love watching Super Mario's goals in the Championship - a shame that he hasn't really been able to handle the step-up to Premier League level in the effortless way that Todd Cantwell has..............................
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    Oh that is cruel! Deliberately chosing Pluto, which used to be thought big enough to be proper planet but which has been downgraded to dwarf status...
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    11 man line across midfield and all players instructed to cough and walk forwards slowly...
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    I’ll guess the reply.. oh dear, oh deary, deary me Large dose of self righteousness sprinkling of being obnoxious dusting of cantankerous Plenty of Waffle with not much real substance...
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    So basically what you're saying is if NCFC doesn't get relegated then you are happy with a restart? Seems to go against all your other posts on the subject. The issue with the proposed restart is nothing to do with the outcome from a football perspective, it's the problems it could cause, totally undermining everything anyone has ever done or sacrificed to beat this dreadful virus. Nearly 630 died yesterday, it's just not appropriate yet in my view in any format. Kids need to be back to school and people allowed back to work first.
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