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    Sorry folks, I posted my report at 11pm last night but it got eaten by the 502 Gateway problem and is lost somewhere in the ether. Suffice to say it was a wonderful night of raw emotion. We have only ever clinched promotion in a home match once before. In 1960 I stood in the old Barclay stand with my dear old dad. Last night i was at the other end of the ground with my son. Neat bookends to a lifetime of supporting our beloved club. At the end I didn't want to leave the ground and watching the players on their lap of honour I couldn't help but think of what a wonderful roller coaster ride its been, so many ups and downs, despair and elation in fairly equal measure. What a time to have been alive and experienced it all, I am indeed blessed. What a night, what a team and what a very special club we support. On the ball City, never mind the danger. Hopefully more to come next year if I'm still in the land of the living
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    Why the f*** would anyone want Sheff Utd to pick up any more points? Are people really that sad that they would rather see a competitor for the title pick up points at this stage, because of a little local rivalry?? I hope Ipswich pull off the impossible, beat them, hopefully by two goals so as to reduce their goal difference. I know it isn't going to happen, but that doesn't stop me from hoping for it.
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    It's like two eunuchs comparing the sizes of their stumps. Apples
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    Congratulations on your certain promotion, which is richly deserved. I've been hugely impressed with your football. Which looks very Premier League to be fair. I can't believe that we are still in with a shout of caching you with 2 games to go. It's been a hell of a season, and neither of us were high in the betting at the start, so we can both be very proud, and only hope that we can keep our respective Managers.
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    Well with Trybull seemingly out for Saturday it presumably opens the door for Vrancic and Leitner. Cannot agree with OP in any shape or form. For 44 games DF and the guys have given us a season to remember, all the more special as it coincides with the binners sinking without trace. "Weve sold Josh and Madders, where will the goals come from?"...89 goals on the board 40 more than last season! Top spot, just 1 point from promotion. Pukki 3rd highest league scorer in a seaon for City, 1 more to equal 2nd with Varco. Sure to be leading scorer in this division this season. Playing a style of football thats given so much more entertainment this season from last its like chalk and cheese. Giving the away supporters a season to remember for a long time, just 2 defeats in 22. Blooding youngsters like Lewis, Aarons, Godfrey and Cantwell that bodes well for our academy s future. Having faith in, and getting hugely more than last season, out of guys like Stiepermann and Vrancic. I could find many more reasons why for me, this season is a cause to celebrate what our head coach has given us, i cannot remotely be bothered to nitpick anything hes done wrong. On top of all that Daniel is just a great guy and we fans have connected to him since the day he arrived. Nothing more to say, we are lucky to have him.
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    Webber said on Satuday that every day Ivo came into training and tried to make Max Aarons a better player, for that reason he deserves our thanks. Top man, top professional.
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    **** off you boring ****. Your talking B0ll0cks and no one is interested.
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    So a little while back, my Dad decided we were going to sponsor the matchball and picked out the Sheff Weds game (I'm a teacher so holidays made it a bit easier for me). Outline of the day: Arrived at the ground (4:45pm) and introduced to Bill Punton who was our host for the day. He took us straight to the bar and got us a drink in the Directors Lounge, and we had a chat with him. He took us on a tour of the ground, and then for a meal in Delia's. He then escorted us to the Director's Box. He met us again at half time and again at full time. Part of the package was a picture on the pitch with the MOTM at the final whistle, and then a seat in the Gunn Club to be presented with a replica match ball by a player. Bill was with us the whole time. Bill was very engaging and entertaining, full of stories. He told us the best player he ever played against was George Best and recounted some brilliant anecdotes, about how he signed for us. He was playing for a local team in the Highland league, and the manager of Portadown was in Scotland on holiday and asked to take him to Ireland for a month's trial. He got chucked straight in the first team due to illness and the pitch was a mudbath and he couldn't do anything. Was persuaded to stay and see out the trial, scored 2 and then 3 for the reserves and got put back in the first team where he scored 2 in his next game and never looked back. He moved to Newcastle after they put a bag of cash on the table to stop him meeting with Arsenal (after Celtic had agreed to sign him then reneged due to his religion!) and then we picked him up from there and he played 8 years for us. We let him go as we didn't want to pay for an operation he needed but he refused to uproot his young family so stayed in Norfolk and trained with Norwich on a daily basis, just turning out for Sheffield Utd and then Scunthorpe on match days - totally different era. Meal in Delia's was off a limited menu but was excellent food. Bill was quite forthright in making sure there was plenty of wine and the service was fantastic. Tour of the ground was interesting - but pretty similar to the experience the mascots and Fan of the match get tbf. Only other legend I saw doing tours on that day was Mark Barham, the rest seemed to be media guys. There were LOADS of tours going on simultaneously. Got a half page bit in the programme which just said "Come on you yellows...." with the Children Always First logo underneath it. Disappointingly, the logo was TINY on the video screen pre-match (unless it was prominently displayed and we missed it, as we were a little bit late getting to seats, although they ran it again on the scoreboard at full time. Directors Box seats was a totally different experience of watching the match - padded seats, extra legroom and the noise seem to reveberate round. The banner and the flags in the Barclay looked absolutely unbelievable from there by the way. Great job all involved. Had to obviously tone down the language but was surprised how vociferous it got in there when we scored. Couldn't stop myself leaping out my seat a few times at some of the reffing and think I may have got a few sideways glances for that though! Barclay and River End alike sounded so loud from in there. Didn't meet Delia, although walked past her a few times and said hello. Michael Wynn-Jones stopped a couple times to chat to us briefly and came across very well, seems like a really nice bloke. We were sat on the other side of the box to Delia, and didn't spot any other famous faces in there. We were directly behind away dugout and Bruce came across as a whinging git, huffing and puffing and throwing his arms around at every decision. Farke was much calmer but in the ear of the 4th official constantly (not surprisingly given the atrocious reffing). Met Bill for another drink (which we pre-ordered and was waiting on the table) at half time and some fancy sausage rolls (which were unbelievably good - credit Delia). To be in position to get the photo on the pitch, Bill instructed us we had to go down when the 4th official held up the injury time board. We commented when he said that how dangerous it was given our penchant for late goals, and so it proved. We walked down and were watching on Skysports as Mario lined up that free kick. Unfortunately, the TV was on a 7second delay so we heard the roar from the stands and everyone was hysterically saying "He's done it.... hasn't he" before TV caught up and the lobby erupted in a delayed celebration. Went out on the pitchside immediately on the full time whistle, and saw Emi celebrating in the dugout. Stiepermann as MOTM should have had his picture with us but obviously wasn't clear on protocol, had a photo with a kid (possibly a mascot or something) and then took his shirt off and disappeared down the tunnel. There was a horrible moment when he took his shirt off that I envisaged the photo being with a sweaty Stiepermann in that bra type thing they wear for data tracking, but then he disappeared the PR guy said Don't worry, Mario's doing the SkySports interview, I'll grab him as he comes off. He did and we had a brief chat with Mario and thanked him for saving the day, to which he replied he was glad to hear it and got a picture with him on the pitch (which will be posted out in due course). My Stepmum and missus got some photos from the box of the moment though. Waiting for Mario I even managed to join in with the Farke wave from on the pitch which was totally surreal. After the game we went to a table in the Gunn club where we had our drinks waiting on the table. Cantwell came in and did the interview and then presented us with the match ball, which was another photo op. Thought Cantwell was a strange choice given he hadn't played on the day but he's a good lad, been a big part of the season and he's one of our own so no bother there, happy enough that it was him. A side note, Cantwell stayed around after his obligations were fulfilled to sign some stuff for people wanting autographs and take some selfies with fans which I thought was a decent thing for him to do. Matchball itself was not a replica match ball at all, but one of the cheap canary branded ones. Signed by the squad and in a plexiglass case which is pretty poor quality and difficult to carry. If you were one of those who spotted it as we made our way back to the hotel to drop stuff off then it was me and the family you saw, quite a few commented as we made our way up POW Road and Tombland (stayed in the Maids Head hotel which I highly recommend, lovely hotel). All in all it was an unbelievable experience, and one which will live long in the memory. Bill was a brilliant host, and the whole day was really well organised and thoroughly enjoyable (despite having to wear a shirt and shoes to the football which aint really my style).
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    Christoph is not just a top and still improving defender. He's also a top person and ambassador for our beloved Canaries. It's no surprise to see him as captain because I'm sure he has full respect of everyone at our club. And, as you can see during games, other clubs too. I can't speak highly enough of him and what he brings to the community surrounding our fantastic football club.
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    I love this team. From the young lads like Aarons and Godfrey through to the experienced players like Pukki and the bit part players like Klose. What a group.
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    Expect many will have seen this clip but it really sums up to me why we are top of the league. yes, we have some wonderful players in the likes of Buendia and Pukki. But what Farke has really brought is passion, togetherness and fight and that’s what’s brought this unexpected success. He’s shown faith in all the players and backed the younger ones and we are now all benefiting from that. credit to Ben Godfrey, this is one hell of a recovery run in the 80th minute. i just love this team!
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    Yesterday we had posts accusing the players of bottling it. Today we get this rubbish. Farke is the bravest manager we've had in my time. These young players are the bravest we've had in my time. The older players are the most supportive we've had in my time. Yes there have been games we've won comfortably during the season. QPR the latest. But most of the season has been like the last four games. And that's regardless of whose personal favourites have started.
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    Yes it’s me lol I was telling the keeper that that he’s gonna stick it in the net son.... and mario did the business lol
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    Tim Krul made some fabulous saves today, he has been significantly underrated since he joined us. The save he pulled off before the cheat fletcher punched it in was also outstanding !!!
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    Cancel that medium meltdown, it’s about to go ‘absolutely ****ing mentally massive meltdown’.
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    I see that it is currently 49 % to 51 %. Should we maybe discuss this for the next three years and then talk some more about whether we want a second vote?
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    Gents, we have both defied expectations this season, and both Managers have done amazing jobs. It will be interesting to say the least to see how both clubs prosper next season, and neither will start the season with the same squad it has now, I'm quite sure. I can just about see why some of you don't like Wilder, but I have to say, we worship the ground he walks on. I should also point out that he is not built for failure, he has never failed anywhere, and I don't expect him to start now. Meantime, let's just enjoy the ride, no need for these negative emotions right now, let's leave that to Leeds and others eh? Good luck.
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    That's a big old growler.
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    If the cap fits! Why would anyone expect us to blow a load of cash, we will continue with the model that has served us so well since Webber and Farke arrived. Its going to be great fun on here when all the Billy big bollox fans who are expecting us to "push the boat out" and spend "loads ah money" realise the reality.
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    chuck a game ? how will we know the difference ?
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    It's been very difficult to sleep again this week what with all the permutations going through my mind and at three fifteen this afternoon I was starting to convince myself that it was all going to pot. I watched the Blades win against ten men and when Leeds went one up against the ten of Wigan I was certain it was all a terrible conspiracy. Thankfully there was another twist of fate and on the ride down to the ground I was telling my son that one more win and it would all be over. With Leitner back in the team I thought we had plenty enough to see off the Wendies but right from the off the visitors looked pretty sharp and were in no mode to play second fiddle. City had to defend strongly in the opening minutes but when City sprung onto the front foot they looked very dangerous. Pukki forced his way between two defenders but couldn't keep his shot low enough to bother Dawson. At the other end Boyd had the ball in the City net from a fine through pass but thankfully the flag was raised for offside. The tension in the crowd was obviously transmitting itself to the players as passes went astray and the visitors continued to look dangerous. When City broke down the right Dawson handled the ball outside his area and received a yellow card with the home faithful baying for a red. Stiepermann stung the keepers hands from the free kick but eventually the ball was cleared and Wedensday again came forward swiftly. Krul then did well to get in the way of a swerving thirty yarder that dipped right in front of him. It was all very end to end stuff and looked far too open for this early in the game. Hernandez almost opened the scoring just before the twenty minute mark but somehow Dawson got a foot to it and deflected the ball over the bar. City were really pressing now and Carrow Road was soon a cauldron of noise as Hernandez picked out Stiepermann on the edge of the box who finished hard and low into the net. The relief was palpable and City now began to get well on top for a while. Pukki had a couple of half chances as the visitors lived dangerously but the second goal would not come. As we passed the half hour mark there seemed little danger when Forestieri got the breaks in a duel with Trybull. He was fully thirty yards out but his powerfully struck shot flew into the top corner giving Krul no chance. Oh dear, we seem to give far too many goals away at Carrow Road but getting out of this league is never going to be easy. Just before the half Aarons almost got on the scoresheet but his effort at full stretch didn't have the power to beat the keeper. So all square at the half and probably a fair reflection all things considered and to be perfectly honest I was somewhat surprised at enterprise the visitors had shown. City's performance was good in parts but it was apparent to me that Leitner was not up to his usual game sharpness which was no real surprise after fair length of time on the sidelines. City sprung forward straight from the whistle and a corner flashed just wide of Dawson's far post. At the other end Krul had to pull off a stunning save to deflect another thirty yard bombshell from Forestieri, over the bar. However a second goal from Wednesday was not long coming. A cross from the left seemed to elude everybody accept Fletcher at the far post. I couldn't see from my end but there were big City protests when the ball ended up in the net. Ref Eltringham would have none of it and Krul was booked for carrying on for too long. Very disappointing as for the third game in a row City found themselves behind with half an hour to play. Stieperman crashed o low cross shot a yard wide and then Keeny McLean was a similar distance off target with a flying header from Aarons centre. City were putting lots of energy ito chasing the ball down and a couple of times seemed to be unfairly penalised when winning the ball back cleanly. There were cries for a penalty when Aarons was dumped on the floor but from my vantage point the ref got this one right for a change although nothing came of the free kick. It was all getting rather desperate and Krul had to make another good stop to his left as City began to leave gaps at the back. With ten minutes left Vrancic came on for Trybull, then it was Srbeny for Lewis and finally Klose for Hernandez. Steipermann and then Aarons both almost wormed their way down the by line but were crowded out by defenders as the frustration grew. Stieperman and then Zimmerman put too much on final passes and with three men screaming for the ball at the far post, Godfrey, to the obvious dismay of the crowd played the ball the other way. It looked all up as the final seconds of five added minutes ticked away only for Vrancic to win a free kick just outside the "D". Time was added as the ref arranged the wall but we must have been into the seventh minute when Vrancic struck the ball. For a split second there was silence, then the roof came off as the ball hit the back of the net with the keeper stranded. Thank you God for answering my prayers, it saved a point but in the context of the big picture it certainly felt like a win to me. Three games left, five points clear, surely we can dig another win out somewhere because that is all it will take. Please Emi, come back Monday, we really need you to put this season to bed. Tim Krul my MOM.
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    Don't really get why people would want to drop Stiepermann, he is vital to the way we play, he isn't perfect, but offers a physical approach that other players don't - and he scores goals. His positioning and awareness is excellent, his composure is good in front of goal and his clever play and his interplay with Pukki is a big part of our success this season. Krul Aarons Zimmermann Godfrey Lewis Trybull Vrancic Emi Stiepermann Hernandez Pukki Harsh on Maclean maybe, but Vrancic is fresh and looks well up for it - that goal last night was huge and showed the stature of the kind of player/person he is.
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    *adopts best Brian Blessed voice* Right, looks like we're getting no help from Leeds or the Blunts today. It's a beautiful day out there. The sun's shining, it's lovely and warm, the scene is set perfectly. Get out the house, get down the pub or out into the city, savour the day. Be positive, be friendly, be excellent to each other. Drop a few quid in the charity buckets outside the ground (raising money for Mind today, a most worthwhile cause). Cheer the team, no matter who's in it. Don't get on the players' backs the first time they make a mistake, or if we concede an early goal. Let's show the Sky TV cameras once again that we're the best fans in the league - sing louder, prouder and longer than you've sung all season. Trust Farke to get us over the line, don't doubt him. This is our time. OTBC.
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    FFS City just do a win tonight so I can sleep a bit easier. These last couple of games have had me through the mangle.