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  2. Somerset Capital Management founded by Jacob Rees-Mogg owns £105m of Infosys shares. Infosys is owned by Rishi Sunak's wife. Infosys has been given more than £2bn in contracts by Rishi Sunak. These rich toffs are only in politics to get richer. They have absolutely no concern about the British public. I'm just surprised that people are surprised when they are caught in corruption scandals, exploiting laws and regulation and helping their cronies. No matter who the ruling party in Westminster is, the never ending cycle of public school boys filling their bank accounts will continue. Labour and the Tories are different sides of the same corrupt coin.
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  4. Yes he’ll be back here next season on loan for rehabilitation!
  5. I’m still unconvinced with all this stats business. I can see how it would work in baseball but football has too many moving parts in my eyes
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  7. I've heard that the club's statisticians have identified this guy as a transfer target for January. What do you think?
  8. I don't want to be represented by any fan group. There's no hierarchy in opinions.
  9. I understand we do stats now. Stats wise Duffy was a great signing. If you put last seasons deficiencies into a stats machine you'd probably churn Duffy out. Perhaps baseball stats will work out better in January.
  10. He thrills us with his electric pace.
  11. Re the latter - I would, just to fund the rebuild.
  12. I have seen in to the future, Ipswich end up 21 points ahead of us in 3rd position, unfortunately for them we are in 6th , the rest is history, we do lose the final though. Surely no one wants to go up with this team .
  13. I enjoyed today, a poor match, but a clean sheet. I’m a realist, we dispensed with a great manager, sold good players so I attend knowing a new era is apon us. It’s not compulsory to go down to Carrow Road, if you have not got the bottle for it, just admit it and good riddance/ bring back the 14k loyalists.
  14. Injured in preseason. He's out for the season. Which is a shame as he was on fire in preseason.
  15. Come on Knapper time to stand up and be counted!
  16. I think the only hope we have is that its a death nail in Wagners coffin
  17. Something really is wrong with you. The only thing you can fix for me is getting rid of Wagner. But even if you could I suspect you wouldn’t.
  18. To answer the OP’s questions. 1. No. The recent results are nothing more than deceptive. What bothers me the most is how disjointed the team became after a few injuries. The team was looking to stomp this league at the beginning of the season. Some could say that the injuries to a few key players is what has caused the disfunction, and to a degree I would agree. But the players train together, study together and play together, so why such a painful level of disjointedness during the games? 2. For me, an embarrassingly dominating 3-0 win by Ip5hit should be enough for Wagner to have to clean his desk out.
  19. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2023/dec/09/david-lammy-labour-oppose-expulsions-palestinians-bar-violent-settlers-uk?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other I think this is a very astute bit of positioning by Labour that they deserve credit for. Paying more attention to the rights of those who are victimised in the West Bank in an indefensible way is a lot more productive than looking like the mouthpiece for terrorists in Gaza.
  20. with the state of Royal mail we would be on our second manager by time we got it
  21. You misunderstood. I was suggesting they were great comments by Robin and when I met him at half time today I said exactly that as I did about the last newsletter. Some great comments again from Robin in today's Pink Un column notably: 1. The reference to Darren Huckerby's comments about if you can't take criticism you are in the wrong business. 2. There seems to have been a shift in recent years towards a mindset where any criticism, however constructive, seems to be either rejected, ignored or met with punitive sanctions. 3. If it is the case that fans haven't got a clue, why not enlighten them. Going back to the 1998 Annual Report shareholding was supposed to be the centrepiece of fan involvement. One substantive issue therefore as highlighted by the Trust's latest newsletter is why therefore does the Club engage with 50 other supporter groups presumably largely unconnected with shareholding? Wouldn't it be better to funnel all fan representation through the Trust. Equally ZW's Notes from the Boardroom today stating that 'the AGM is vital to our approach because we want fans to have an understanding of decisions made' is absurd in the context of the clear ageist (and indirectly sexist) nature of the shareholder cohort. Just a belief that if the Trust is able to pursue these issues they could potentially attract many more members and that would be a great way to go back to the principles of the turn of the century.
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