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  2. I think the word "might" is doing a lot of heavy lifting in that article.
  3. Who could it be? I do have a feeling it, given our habbit of not spending much, might already be in the squad. Sørensen, of course. Same as how I fully think that Mumba is set to be Aa-air-rons replacement when he leaves. However- Are there any realistic signings you think we could make as replacements for those two very important players of ours when they both end up leaving us? (And how much we thinking Aarons is gonna go for? 30-40m?)
  4. Ah ok, so it’s sounding like there will be no confirmatory PCR tests for the initial Lateral flow tests for older children done in schools, but there will be for the later ones done at home.
  5. This would be a compelling point...if he hadn't featured in every single pre season game.
  6. This picture has appeared in various outlets of the Tory propaganda machine Sunday papers today. Going to have to get into work super early tomorrow to install all these imaginary dividers, perspex screens and "knee-operated sinks" that are apparently all going to be delivered and installed by 8:25 tomorrow morning.... Presumably all of this will be funded by flogging our smartboards and replacing them with blackboards. Good job my classes of 30/31/32 are apparently to be reduced to 9 who will all have laptops though. This isn't an accident, this is actual Goebbels level, state sponsored propaganda. Do people really believe this ****? If you replaced the students with unicorns it would be VERY marginally less realistic.
  7. Sorensen looks very, very classy on the ball and showed he can be solid defensively but Skipp is different gravy at reading the game and winning the ball back. He has a real knack for picking an attackers pocket.
  8. Just a little reminder that I'm doing this in my spare time. I'm about to go and do my first ride of 2021... only 3,500 miles to go! Website Donate Instagram Facebook Twitter Blog
  9. Spot on. He was out for the best part of three months, and the fact that he missed our pre season means he probably isn't as fit as he could be anyway. Every chance he could play his part here in the future but it’s just not been his season unfortunately. Rupp was very good again yesterday, has been all season and hopefully he can carry that on into next season too.
  10. To be fair, I was quite fond of those old big fivers
  11. It’s quite clear that there has been a massive focus on developing our style of play so that it is more sustainable for next season, Farke et al have learned from last year and adapted so that we are more prepared for the PL as we will need to be so much tighter at the back. Hanley being fit for a sustained period has been a big factor too, he is some defender when he isn’t finding his way back from injury. As for Skipp, I reckon it’s 50/50 whether he will return but I can’t help thinking it would suit all parties. Massive hole to fill if he doesn’t.
  12. Thought Rupp was excellent yesterday, written off by some when he first joined but now showing his worth. Another good pice of work by the recruitment team.
  13. I don't think there is any reason why they couldn't be is there ? I thought you could just book a PCR test and head on down and get it ???
  14. Looking at last year after 35 games the top 3 teams had 69, 65 and 60 points . The bottom teams had 34,33 and 25 (bottom was Wigan not sure if there is a points deduction in there) This year the top three have 76, 66 and 65 - the bottom clubs have 32,28 and 23 albeit they haven’t played 35 games (Rotherham only 32) but it SEEMS to suggest the top teams are getting more points . 2018 year we went up after 35 games was more like this year top three (we were top) 69,67,67 bottom 31,26,21(binners). Suggests this years top teams might get higher than average points ? We would still be statistically unbelievably unlucky not to go up on 90 points.
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  16. Well Ipswich reached the top tier in the 60s and Norwich in the 70s, and beating that lot is what I care about.
  17. Stephen Fry was director of the club for 5 years. There's a great podcast in the club's Youtube channel with him as a guest.
  18. I think though, as Hoegsar says, Farke is being somewhat clear about where Dowell sits in his plans right now. In the last 6 weeks or so we've seen all of our attacking midfield 3 miss some game time due to suspension/injury/resting and on each occasion Farke has opted for a player other than Dowell to step up, despite Dowell being available. Placheta got the nod when Emi was out, Hernandez came in for Cantwell and now he's chosen Rupp when Vrancic needed a break. Yes he's had injuries but so have those three that Farke has picked recently but they've clearly done enough in training to impress.
  19. Lord David Frost, who was plain David Frost when he negotiated the terrible Brexit deal should be ashamed that he such a bad job Boris Johnson made him a Lord (Johnson also made an IRA sympathiser a member of the House of Lords). The EU is operating on the terms of the deal that Frost negotiated, now he has to do a lot of work blaming the people he negotiated with for the problems he created..
  20. There are two statements in that paragraph. The second causes the first.
  21. Think it's fair to say that it Emi joined a top five club and would be surrounded by top class fantastic players he would be much more of a Maddison than a Lewis (whos at a poor club surrounded by poor players)
  22. There is a very good argument for us NEEDING to sell one of the two in order to generate funds for team building. As was pointed out yesterday on Radio Norfolk (Chris Goreham), significant amounts will already trundle their way into players pockets by way of promotion bonuses and hiked up wages. In addition we signed a number of players last January / summer and I would be surprised if a number of those agreements did not include hefty 'add ons' in event of promotion. Buendia's fee went up markedly I believe on that basis from the initial amount we paid out to land him in the first place. We are already committed to approx. £7M if the reports were correct for our Greek fullback and will have to pay more than that in all probability to sign the boy Gibson. I think 'Air Rons' is more likely to leave than Buendia. Much talk this week of 'advanced talks' with Yids.
  23. Lord David Frost, who negotiated the Brexit trade deal, has said Brussels must "shake off" any lasting "ill will" towards the UK for its decision to leave the European Union. Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, Lord Frost said it was important to "instead build a friendly relationship". His comments come after Prime Minster Boris Johnson unilaterally extended the grace period on Irish Sea border checks.
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