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  2. Zero deaths reported for yesterday in ROI, possibly one or two extra today due to weekend ( wasn't bank holiday here). Very positive indeed. 5 km limit may be raised to 20 km a bit earlier. Still crystal clear instructions from non govt.
  3. Only one person who has described it as such.
  4. Have you had Covid 19 ?. You maybe able to help others as again this trial appears to be gaining momentum. Coronavirus: The search for antibody super donors Alessandro Giardini is a consultant at Great Ormond Street Hospital, London, and spent seven days on a ventilator due to Covid-19. The doctor recovered and went on to donate plasma. The plasma, the liquid portion of the blood, contains coronavirus antibodies and he has the highest antibody level of those measured so far. The antibody rich plasma taken from people who have recovered can be transfused into people being treated for Covid-19. Three groups of donors - men, those over 35 and people who have had hospital treatment - are most likley to have antibody rich plasma. The NHS is now urging people who have had coronavirus and are in one or more of those three groups to donate plasma for a treatment trial.
  5. Not sure I share your confidence. There is talk of a £20m rebate to TV companies even if the season is completed, we're already talking about losing £9m from games being played behind closed doors this season and there is no guarantee that next season will start with full stadiums. Factor in a depressed transfer market and it might not all be as simple as we like to think.
  6. FFP will.be adjusted in line with the drop in income surely, clubsnhave budgeted to spend based on expected income and therefore every club will likely already be overspending on FFP rules so they will have to relax the rules. How that affects future spending is to be seen but I really don't see the big sides changing their habits much after we come out the other side of this.
  7. Interesting to note that the Bonds were not transferable and that 'The interest coupon and redemption of principal are payable to the original Bondholder.' Presumably then upon death - of which there would have been some in 17 months - the Club simply kept the money?
  8. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-52797002
  9. It is so difficult to say. Spanish flu a century ago came and went within a couple of years, killed a lot of people [ about 250000 here ] then,no real lock downs, vaccines, ventilators etc. My grandparents were the WW1 generation and they never even mentioned it. People are understandably afraid of a second and third wave but no one knows, there are so many experts who are making calculated guesses one way or the other. With restrictions being eased it is logical to think the rate will go up, but the reverse seems to be the case and it is disappearing so quickly the scientists fear that is the biggest threat to a vaccine. We could be in the new normal now but do not discount that the old normal could return .
  10. Quick answer is no, with a but. We could only play them if we registered them in our squad in January, unless the PL allow new squad lists to be registered, which I don't think they will (though ighaleo going back to China may have changed that)
  11. A little like Coronavirus statistics International comparisons should be treated with caution. Spain for example has what it calls a national Third Division divided into 16 regional tiers. Many of the teams are probably Anglian Combination standard. Only La Liga and the division immediately below it are full time professional. Then there are a further 4 regional Divisions called Second Division B.
  12. Today
  13. I'm patient enough. It was just curiosity really as I didn't know anyone who'd had a refund.
  14. Quite. However, looking at scenes from some beaches around the country there is still a desire to do normal things regardless of a reasonable amount of risk. Those that are able will go to a football match as will shoppers go to a shop in about 3 weeks time when Primark re-opens. I think if the price is right fans will attend matches in whatever form is available to them.
  15. Yes, but the noise is that the FA wants integrity and promotion and relegation etc etc and the PL have been told that. If they allow no relegation in the WSL then it devalues that integrity argument in the men's game.
  16. I have said before if we can show we have been tested when attending a match where is the risk? If fans can't prove they are free of infection they don't get in. Plus the fact that here in Norwich we have a low count of cases surely means this is possible at some point in the next 4 months?
  17. No they don't. Keep this season's main kit and the red. A third kit is totally ridiculous to even consider and no one buys it anyway
  18. Encouraging figures, albeit tragic, must remember its a bank holiday so probably falsely low figure but still worthy of note.
  19. Can't speak for all Leeds fans but yeah sure if null and void was on the table in such circumstances I'd go for it. But I wouldn't pretend it was the fairest or most honest option as quite a few on here claim, just the option that would save our skin.
  20. And you're telling me Leeds fans wouldn't say the same thing if Leeds were facing relegation?
  21. Just those that voted to remain in the EU
  22. Geez I wonder why you think null and voiding a season that is 80% done is the best way forward.
  23. Worth mentioning that as things stand, the summer transfer window opens on 10th June, although completed deals do not become official until 1st July. With the possibility of the EPL being underway in July I am waiting to see how this is addressed. With the possibility that we will sell one or two players in the summer, it is not inconceivable that we could even have current players playing against us before the season ends. What a mess. Another reason why concluding the season 'as is' a month ago (with no relegation) would have been the right decision.
  24. Very true, but the 121 figure is significantly lower than last Sunday's so, strange as it seems to say, it is good news.
  25. Do clubs really need a new kit every season?
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