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  2. ……’’Norman was then working as a farm hand but was able to pursue his footballing dreams thanks to a generous employer, who gave him time off to play. In 1998 he told the Eastern Daily Press: “There were times when I’d play for Norwich, miss the last bus back and have to walk the five miles back home. I’d be feeding pigs at midnight.”
  3. …..‘’Norman was then working as a farm hand but was able to pursue his footballing dreams thanks to a generous employer, who gave him time off to play. In 1998 he told the Eastern Daily Press: “There were times when I’d play for Norwich, miss the last bus back and have to walk the five miles back home. I’d be feeding pigs at midnight.”
  4. Two days on, media silence reigns. Did he or didn't he? And if not, why not?
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  6. Great news: https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/man-who-wears-eye-patch-after-shooting-himself-with-his-own-gun-convicted-over-capitol-riot/ar-AA14IlTp?ocid=msedgntp&cvid=6c81f08b1d9f406daa816ab104fd9708 Man who wears eye patch after shooting himself with his own gun convicted over Capitol riot Let's hope he gets the full 20 years. I hadn't realised he shot himself in the eye, hilarious! I guess he was looking down the barrel when he pulled the trigger to clear it of a lead obstruction.
  7. The majority of your statistics here were against Iran. I and thankfully also Southgate as he said in his post match interview, we’re far more concerned that we conceded two goals to them rather than what we scored. It isn’t entitlement, I expect very little from Englands National team. It’s the understanding that the performances we’ve so far produced will see us knocked out if we don’t step up a gear in the next match. When you start a match slow and turgid as England and Norwich under smith do, Then more often than not it is hard to raise your game to the levels needed when you meet a better quality of opposition
  8. Nice obit from the Guardian https://www.msn.com/en-gb/sport/fifa-world-cup/maurice-norman-obituary/ar-AA14Hutq?ocid=msedgntp&cvid=d0f0b58ddfce429490261fa660849762
  9. I didn’t say they were world beaters. I said if we produce the football that we did in the USA match and first half of yesterday we will be going home. Not surprisingly its the same people who have been defending Smiths turgid football as we slip down the league that are the same ones that can’t see that significant improvement is needed to progress
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  11. That’s the spirit ! If we play to our best and Senegal play to their best we still win every time.
  12. Woah! What! Senegal not good. God I'd love to have their defence at Norwich. They will be a nightmare for England to break down, thank god Mane ain't fit. But then it will be France, if we should find a way round them. Then you think Stones and Walker will keep Mbappe quiet. We've no chance of the semi's!
  13. France will repeat against Argentina what they did 4 years ago…. constantly trying to get the ball to Mbappe and it worked. He will will the Golden Boot I think.
  14. Who knows...so far France have only played a dreadful Australia and didnt look that convincing vs Denmark If it were Argentina, they would be France's first proper test too
  15. Wales were gash and the second worse team in the tournament behind Qatar and I believe in the back of their heads, the Welsh public knew this and are calling for Page’s head. They were sh*t going into this tournament, while England had that game against Germany to ride on. Lets not get too excited until the semis, as we have had a cushy run to the quarters already, as Senegal are not all that good really. The run we have had in front of us so far, is like Germany’s in 2002 and they got to the final playing teams as bad as the ones we have had. Not once have we really played well yet and I don’t seem to recall Germany playing well in 2002. Wales this World Cup are even worse performance wise than the opening titles ITV use for this tournament as well as the equally pathetic “France 98 World Cup Rewind” they did. The people of Wales knew this and just wanted them to qualify after a 64 year duck, knowing they would suck.
  16. Oh come on. Argentina haven't shown a lot, Mbappe will run rings round Messi's compadres. France have that quarter final place easy, the question will be can Southgate ruffle their feathers as to whether they get further.
  17. France have to get through aswell though...their last 16 game could be Argentina
  18. France in the quarter finals then. But only if we get past Senegal. Who have a brick wall as a defence. And you know what England are like under Southgate against teams like that. This is going to be a tough watch.🫤 The good news is, once we get to the semi finals it'll be a doddle!
  19. I think I'm correct in saying that if England beat Senegal the quarter final would be in the evening of the away match at Swansea on the 10th? I'm sure all of the locals will be wishing England well during the day..
  20. Sargent did Sargent things, as limited as he is he keeps a high workrate and doesn't "hide" in games.
  21. I think England have been superb in how we’ve handled getting to top in the group stage. A plus 7 goal difference !!! If I was a fan of any other country I really wouldn’t want to play us. I think some of us can be far too impressed by other teams qualities and be blind to their shortcomings. I don’t see any real stand out side so far , so bring it on . So my message - No Fear England .
  22. Have I got time to say I lived in Meldreth briefly, near railway stop, No? Ok I’ll get me coat….
  23. ACL injury will need to be replaced in January.. now where is our sporting director?
  24. The positive is the club have trained well this weak (according to Smith) without Sargent. If we have to go a few games without him so be it. Always the risk that club and country would go separate ways during this World Cup. Josh loves playing for USA.
  25. For a homophobic hellhole of a country, I thought Qatar did a good job of impersonating getting bent over and shafted every game. Good riddance to them.
  26. People were pant wetting about Foden playing and you got it, Kane being dropped and he made 1 assist, 2 if you feel Rashford should have scored first half. So who else? What more do you want?
  27. When you say it didn't work, what message did it come back with? There's normally a choice of 3: No corruption found; Corrupt files found and fixed; corrupt files found but unable to fix.
  28. Imagine what jury selection would be like?
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